Poll:67 Have you ever Broke a Tooth?

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Our teeth along with a smile are usually the first physical feature we observe when meeting people so our teeth are important, and as life goes on some of us have unfortunate accidents and break or loose a tooth. Most times related to a collision of some sort or biting something very hard ny accident and can be a quite painful experience.

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Poll:67 Have you ever Broke a Tooth?


#Poll:67 Have you ever Broke a Tooth?

oh dear ...

yea, sadly, more than once, my adventures werent too good for that lol, i could use a makeover but sadly thats not paid back here unless you're past 50 and let them pull ALL your teeth for a false set lol
and an implant is between €5000 / €10000, per tooth so

steemits gotta rise a bit for that luckily its just a few molars, not front, i dont think id ever smile again