TechTV | Why I Don't Use A Windows or Android Device

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Hey Steemians!

There's a never ending war between supporters of Apple, Android and Windows. So who's the winner? Well, in this video I go over my experience and why I prefer Apple over the other two.

For clarification, in the video I stated that there is a war between the three companies. For clarification Apple is a company, Windows and Android are software developed by Google and Microsoft respectively.

So what's your preference? Let's get some debate going in the comments below!

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@spenceryan hello 👋 sir, Wow It's great to see your video. Because you have a very nice analysis apple, windows In Android Well, these three companies have fought you in this. But we all know Apple is the best However, today we're using Android for most people. Because Android is very cheap today But Apple's rate is very high cost. I think Windows is better than android. But users are less What do you think


Thanks for watching @milanm! I think Windows is definitely better in many aspects than Android but you're right. It's all about where the users are.


@spenceryan hello 👋 sir Windows is the best one of the day. But I think Apple will reign in the world in the coming days. Because Apple security is too much, good sets. But today's androids are very cheap for more users of androids

Apple gave to the world a new way of create tecnology, apple is cool but it´s too expensive even worth it.


It is pricey, but they always say "You get what you pay for!"


I paid a lot for my Pixel, and I got something great!


@spenceryan Well it is true, but is expensive to buy a simple phone in Venezuela.

Apple till I die 🤪🤪🤪

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Why do you prefer Apple? Just curious.


it started with the software I preferred to use when I was producing music being Logic, so I bought a mac pro desktop. After using it a few months I just couldn't go back, the way Apple software works is just so much better. The file archiving is better for a start and the GUI is so much more user friendly. Similar story with the phones, Android phones seem to over complicate things and I find myself getting frustrated with them a lot

This video is the reason Apple got over the $1 Trillion mark today.

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I have no much idea about its technology but Apple has a status symbol . I'm from India and here mostly people use apple as a status symbol. I don't think all people who has apple handset they aware all use of this. In India apple is stand in number one position.