Introducing Tech TV!

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Hey Steemians today I want to talk to you and introduce you to a new project right here on the steemit blockchain. I want to introduce you to TechTV. Today I want to take a moment to reach out to anyone who would like to help or support the Steem TechTV project. We need your help! This is a project started by @spenceryan and upon hearing about this I reached out to him and I have joined him in this new venture.

TechTV is live and kicking and were working really hard to make it amazing! There is so much potential for this media outlet its hard to even describe sometimes. We need creators and we need supporters/investors. If this is something you would be interested in doing, please reach out to @Spenceryan Discord @spenceryan#5768

A little about what this project is all about.
The goal of TechTV is to be a one stop shop for all you entertainment, news, and information regarding tech right here on the blockchain. We will be providing videos on all aspects of the tech world.

Who is TechTV?
Currently we have 3 members of TechTV.
Project Manger

Creation Team

Is TechTV Looking For More Creators?
YES! Message Spencer on Discord @spenceryan#5768 to find more information on the application process and to discuss what you would like to do for this project.

Make sure to follow @TechTV to stay up to date with all of our newest content as we transition into the new channel!

That's all for now everyone!

Video Gear

Camera -
Memory Cards -
Lights -
Other Light -
Gimbal -
Tripod -
Less Expensive Lights -
Monitor -

Photography Gear
Camera -
Lens -
Memory Cards -

Instagram - @erikwerlin

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I hope it has a great success, and one thing I've noticed is that many entrepreneurs like you are taking the blockchain world to publish their projects, maybe soon there will not be all that advertising that exists now and everything is for the blockchain :D


Yea that's one of the things I love about steemit and the blockchain. We aren't relying on YouTube or Google or any other company. We can make our content and share it our way.


Yeah :D

Will be looking forward to future contents.

Huh, I am actually pleasantly surprised by the curators of this post. Well, we shall see.

Nice idea, I'll be tuning in :)


Thanks, I hope you like everything that is to come.