Space Fence the GoldenEye - Illuminati Space Wars Episode I

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This is my first installment of the new series Illuminati Space Wars. In this episode I am focusing on the advancement of the Illuminati Space Fence program and direct energy weapons going mainstream. Also the new emerging financial market of directed energy weapons, which is set to grow massively in the next few years.

Directed Energy weapons made their terrific debut from a space weapons platform unveiling their top secret programs on 9/11 2001, turning 7 Buildings in NYC into dust. LENR also called Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions have been tested by SPAWAR the Navy Space Program and is a viable free energy program. SPAWAR has been conducting tests on this since 1994. The real space programs are militarized and run by black budget operations ever since Operation Golden Lily. This video analyzes what we know from news sources but also infers to what they might have.

Evidence of LENR being used on 9/11, go research Dr. Judy Wood's website and presentations.

The black operations technology is about 20 years ahead of what we know about. In example the B-2 bomber were flying around for about twenty years before that was declassified, but people had seen it and reported it as a UFO lolz. So in about the next five years the technology that was used to make 9/11 happen will become known to the public. Whatever the high powered microwave directed energy weapon was, interestingly to note USA and Germany are the front-runners in this DEW technology. So any 9/11 truther researchers should be interested in this video and should be researching this emerging DEW technology.

Specifically covered in this video are the new GSSAP satellites, the Space Fence Program, the X-37B (Secret, lolz) Space Craft. Also the push by China and Russia to build anti-satellites missiles that can reach the Geosynchronous Orbit.

The future of War is in Space, and by analyzing what we know, we can see that future coming sooner than we think...

Enjoy the video!


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