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As you may have noticed, I'm focusing on building up an authority on my profile as a "friendly advisor". I love to suggest people cool stuff I find. I love to understand people's problems and give them solutions.

That's what I do all the day long eheh.

Today, I want to talk to you about a new amazing resource.

I've said this many time, but this free tool actually blown my mind when I discovered it. And, just to pin this into notice, I've not discovered this tool for free. I'm a part of a paid premium group of internet marketers sharing their knowledge and their tool, and if something is shared over there... it's because it's useful.

What is TheStocks?

The Stocks is an outstanding project started by a genius programmer (Twitter Profile). The guy behind TheStocks is currently working on Cargo, Persona and Observatory, three amazing projects enhancing users' creative possibilities.

That's how he describe (click here to check it out)

 The best royalty free stock photos are delivered now along with videos, audios, icons, fonts and colors.  

But, in reality, TheStocks is much much more then that. 

TheStocks shows us the true power of APIs. What it does is both simple but magnificient at the same time: it divides the website in compartments (images, videos, audios, icons, fonts and colors) and gives you a list of sites giving what you're searching for entirely free of charge and, most of the times, without even the need of attribution (but always remember to check each website's policy).

For example, let's say I'm trying to get a good colors pairing for my new design project. 

That's what will happen: 

(please kindly wait for the gif to load)

Exactly. What I needed to do was just click on the "color" section and a full mind-blowing list of free tools was already there waiting for me. Plus, each websites is fully operating INSIDE the web app, so you can use the website without leaving the tool.

The main idea is just astonishing!

I'm sure thise guy will become even more famous in the long term. His projects are easy to use, fully operating and they always solve a common issue for the end user.

The main idea behind TheStocks is fascinating: "The internet is full of free resources... let's make a free resources to catalogue all the other free ones!".

His programmer ethic is amazing and his job is incredibly useful for everyone. 


The Internet can be a very busy place. You may end up looking for an image you need in eight different website.

TheStocks will delete this common problem forever.

When you need a stock image, just head over to and choose the resource you need. Then, play around with all the websites the tool suggests you and choose the right pic/audio/etc. that suits your needs.

I'm sure you'll find something for yourself inside this tool.

This is not a specific tool for marketers. This is incredibly useful for designers, bloggers, lifelearners, creative people, marketers, painters, and pretty much everyone else. 

What are you waiting for? Try it out now! :)  

PS: I'm not affiliated with TheStocks. They don't know me and I don't personally know them. This review is here to make you aware of this amazing tool, not to secretly hope you'll give me your money.

Credits: all the images are self-made or freely took from Pixabay.


very intresting! good job! defenitly going to look into this. Thanks alot, following

Thanks! You'll be amazed by it ;)