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Hi everyone, i want to speak about an old project to create a wooden watch with 3Dprinter.

These are some images of the project,

First step : 3Dmodel

Capture d’écran 2018-04-21 à 21.50.13.png

Second step : 3Dprinting

Third step : Adding wrist



Of course, the core of the watch is missing, but it's not so hard to find and put inside the wooden part.
For all this project i used Cinema4D + Cura + Witbox 3Dprinter with wooden filament.

Thank you for reading and dont hesistate to leave a comment !



Nice! Should be possible to make even nicer with very hard wood and a very fine "grained" CNC machine(?)

(BTW: Your tag says "tree-dimension", unless it is meant to be a pun, it should be "three-dimension")

Thank you :) , of course it's really better with real wood and CNC machine ! Maybe one day one really good wooden filament coming but not actually :) // Really thank you for "three-dimension" im not native english speaker and i made mistakes !//

Nice. It's a very clean design.

Planning on wearing it ?

Thank you, It's possible but it's really fragile :( so its more a challenge than a real factory production ;). Some guys try to do it but i think it's a commercial fail actually : https://3dprint.com/30947/jelwek-wood-3d-printed-watch/

It'd probably need to be made using a stronger type of filament.

those Jelwek guys didn't get the memo PLA is more or less considered a prototyping material X/

Also... their design isn't quite good. it's unique, I'll give them that, but it just doesn't look good.

I'd say it's probably because one of the reasons Wood is so prized as a material is that a good artisan can work with the grain to make pretty impressive patterns. 3D printed wood filament is completely uniform as it is now x/

I like their designs! But they are possibly too fragile.

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Thank you again ! :)

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