What to expect as a new software developer starting your career out.

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What to expect as a software developer working for Yozu

Preparing for an interview as a software developer for Yozu or any company can be a little daunting, especially if this is your first career following a number of years in academia. You may not know what to expect or how to handle an interview. This article should give you an insight on what to expect when you arrive for an interview and if you’re successful with your application.

Before you click apply.

Can you answer these interview questions?

  1. What is an object?
  2. What is a class?
    a. What is the difference between the two?
  3. If needed, how would you go about designing scalable applications? Walk us through your process.
  4. What is OO programming?
  5. What is the main difference that OO programming brought?
  6. How would you move a chunk of memory in C++/C?

What to Expect

As a software developer your main task will be to create programs aimed at increasing business efficiency between a number of our existing clients and targeting a better user experience. At Yozu, you’ll be responsible for developing, installing, testing and maintaining client software systems.

Yozu, like many others need their software developers to be flexible, this means your responsibilities can range dramatically. From writing and coding new programs for one project, to developing new programs from scratch in the next, to modifying and integrating “off the shelf” software to fit with the existing set up and needs of our clients at other times.

In order to achieve these goals, you will be asked to review current set ups to determine what needs to be done before presenting your ideas as to how to improve the system. Moving on from here you’re likely to get involved closely with the analysts, designers and other members of the team in order to put together detailed specifications for the programs and writing the code.

Once the code is written your job doesn’t stop there! You will also be responsible for testing your work and ensuring it is ready to go live. Although you might be an expert user of your new program, there’s now going to be a number of people who aren’t but who are going to need to be able to use it. Following the completion of a piece of software, our developers will be tasked with curating a number of training manuals to ease the transition and usability of the package.

Now your program is live, you’ll need to look after it! Most companies expect you to keep it maintained and up to date – any problems, it’s going to be your job to fix it!

Interested in Yozu already? Check out our website: https://yozu.co.uk

Career Progression

Career progression is a normality for Software Developers. Without any previous experience you’ll begin as a junior developer. Following a Junior Developer, the natural promotion is to a Senior Developer. Depending on the skills you acquire and the professionalism you display whilst employed in this role you may find yourself quickly becoming a Principal developer before finally progressing on to a project management role.

Fortunately, if this isn’t your desired career pathway you will generally be offered options in which you can transfer your skills into similar fields such as.

Working Hours

You can expect to work between 37 and 40 hours a week, however with software developing, time scales are often set in stone, this means when deadlines are approaching its likely you would be expected to stay for the duration – including evenings and weekends – to get the job done.

Required skills
 Previous experience of developing ‘full stack’ web or mobile applications, either in a professional, academic or personal capacity
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Enthusiastic and motivated personality
 Ability to demonstrate past code and projects via Github or similar
 Solid understanding of OO principles
 Natural ability with computers and technology in general
 Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to debug and diagnose in a sensible and methodical manner

Yozu are currently hiring for various role, if you are interested in working with us please visit our website to gain a familiarity with who we are: https://yozu.co.uk

Or apply from our partners the Liverpool Girl Geeks: http://www.liverpoolgirlgeeks.co.uk/liverpool-jobs/

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