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in technology •  3 years ago 

Interview with Dawn Parker Waites, CEO of VIVA, two days before their initial coin offering.
If you're still not quite sure what all the fuss is about, this should help to clear it up!

>>>Watch Here<<<

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I loved this interview! I think people have been asking for an overview of the VIVA project and Dawn delivers. We get a good feel for how VIVA developed and what its goals are, along with a concise explanation of the mechanisms that will power the project. Very well done!!!

Thanks! Glad you found it useful :)

I love the interview!

I am heading to watch this now, may have to finish it tomorrow, have a good week Gabe.

When I hear the designation CEO, I start feeling stabby.
CEO's focus on saleability, because who wants to make a solid product with a long & active market life, when you can just balloon the hype of your company, get all the sycophants hot & wet, chasing the carrot of possible riches, and then just sell the damn thing, for WAY more than it's worth and move on to the next dog & pony show.

Small minded.

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