"Jurassic Park", Will becomes a reality ?!!!

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Russia is trying to achieve a huge scientific achievement, if successful, through the reproduction of the mammoth extinct from thousands of years, and other organisms that lived in the era of dinosaurs, in a move that brings to mind the scenes of the film "Jurassic Park" , which has long been considered A fantasy.

Russia will open a $ 5.9 million "cloning facility" aimed at bringing back the mystic mammoths and other extinct species to life.

Russian genetics are seeking to reproduce a number of extinct organisms, including the mystic rhinoceros, which has been extinct for 10,000 years.

The cloning laboratories aim to expand current research by Russian scientists working closely with a team of South Korean specialists to restore extinct mammals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to unveil plans to set up a "world-class" research center in Yakutsk during a major investment forum, the Daily Mail reported.

Yakutsk is rich in diamonds, making it full of frozen animal remains. About 80 percent of the modern animal samples of Plistocin and Holosin, found in Russia, have been found.

It is possible to preserve the DNA of ancient animals in the remains of frozen soils, known as frosty soil, for tens of thousands of years.

By extracting DNA from these preserved remains, it is hoped that researchers will gain a better understanding of the biology of some of the greatest creatures that roam the earth.

Mammoth mammal animals were found by the ancients, who hunted animals to use their bones and teeth in tools, shelter and food.

The animal, which can weigh 6,000 kilograms, disappeared at the end of the Pleistocene era, some 10,000 years ago.

However, isolated groups of animals are believed to have survived on St. Paul's Island in Alaska up to 5,600 years ago, and on Wrangel Island in Russia 4 thousand years ago.

Experts believe that the mystic mammoth was extinct because of the climate change that affected its environment, as well as the result of hunting by humans.

Many international projects, including a team from Harvard University, are racing to use mammoth DNA to "revive old species".

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