Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony

in #technology2 years ago


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This is the most amazing sound app i 've ever downloaded,i wish there could be 10 stars to rate you, unquestionably the best.. It is what we need a good recorder to be.. I just dont know how to congratulate you guys.. The only thing i' ll suggest is that there are a lot of bugs sometimes, do well to fix them all.. Keep on the good work.. I respect y'all
Good app but;... the issue Is, no matter how you start your voicing on your imported beat/sound, after recording there's always a delay, it is either your voicing is faster than the beat or the beat is faster than your voicing. I mean no matter how you start voicing immediately when the beat starts... so I really think there should be a setting whereby one can shift or adjust vocal to merge accurately with the beat, so there'll be no delays. Thank you. And nice job on this app.

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