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I love using smule, the only complaint I have is you can't control the gain on your mic. Doesn't really help that you can turn the voice down after the fact when you can still hear clipping. When I'm belting a note no matter how far I pull the mic it still red lines. Other than that absolutely no complaints, love the app and love the community! Okay, it's a great app. I really love it and all that but recently when i record after saving early, there would be an error message saying that i have to sing ALL of it again. It's annoying. And there seems to be static in my recording. Overall it's still a good app, just a few annoying things.I just love this app. I have bad stage fright but this app helps me avoid that. Since I'm at home by myself.... then I can practice as much as I need with no worries. Sad thing is they make you buy VIP for anything except joining someone else's song. You can only do freestyle or join. I wish they at least unlocked solo for free users.


This post has received a 51.52 % upvote from @boomerang.

This post has received a 51.52 % upvote from @boomerang.

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