Pydroid 3 - IDE for Python 3

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An excellent app. I am able to run ipython, jupyter notebook and pandas, numpy easily without any hassle on my chromebook Samsung 3 which is, by the way, not one of the newer chromebooks but still I have not faced any difficulty. Built-in support for many other libraries. Highly recommended for all those using Python! I found this Python IDE to be best for Android developing. It is actually so good, that i was willing to pay for pro version. I code in my bed almost every morning when i open my eyes. I also have several programs made on my phone that i run every day to run some statistics. Definitely try it out.This is the best mobile app any python lover could have! With this app, you can run whatever python program you run on a computer/laptop. As i dont have laptop these days, this app is a big treasure for me.
Fantastic app, works very well, you can use the interpreter for your python files as well as the console for testing things, lots of ide options, very easy to search and install libraries, minimal ad interruptions, etc. My computer has been broken for a while and this app saved my sanity.

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