Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames

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I like it because it let's you choose which setting you like, and there's no dragging. It's not slow when loading. Also the ads are not bad at all!!! It shows you other people's results. That way you can see if you liked your picture with that result or not. I love it personally!!! It's great in my opinion!!! Whoever reads this you it's not like a need but you have to download it it's free to!

This is one of the best amazing photo manipulation app I ever get. This kind of automatic manipulation is totally unexpected. It will take me at least half an hour to do that using computer. It's so much fun to play with this app. I'm wishing you guys good luck. But you know there is a lot of Ad though. But I shouldn't have complain as a free user and I'm not. I am really thankful for giving us this free app. Stay happy all ❣️ the time, take care and stay safe at home....


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