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Have used the pro version of this app for at least two years or more. My favorite function is the pie graph view of expenses. At a quick glance I can see what is eating up my money the most at all times. I also love the ability this app has to total all of my accounts to a single worth. I use this app consistently in line with my bank's app to stay on top of my cash flow. A lot of complexity is built into a simple to understand UI and is a pleasure to use. A first install with all my new phones.
It's great, i have used this app for about 3 years now to track my income. Some things i would love to add is the option to see the total income amount for each year. For now you have the graph to see the year income divided by months wich is great, but if you could also see the total for the year would be awesome. Thanks a lot


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This post has received a 34.4 % upvote from @boomerang.

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