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This app is really the # 1 reselling app . It really works well . The quality of the products is very good and payments are also made on time . It works more efficiently with the image search option . Anyone who likes to earn money from home without any investment can go for this amazing app . The customer care service is excellent .The only thing that can be changed is that the delivery charges can be made free for all products . Otherwise this is the best reselling app !!!
Love Meesho. Once you get used to the game mechanics, mastering any hero is not difficult at all. Yet, playing in a high ranked game requires a lot of hardworking and understanding of the game. Most of the skins are really nice. I recommend, if you are willing to pay, get at least one zodiac skin. They are GORGEOUS. Epic and legendary skins are quite expensive but they are the best XD. I own one legendary skin (Lesley) and her skin costs me around €180. But y'know, I'm serious with the game.
Nice app for resellers to make money online in very simple steps. I am in love with the app with the services , everything ! It a wonderful way to save your money by getting steal deals , to earn money by selling your products which are anyway of no use and best of all it helps so much to keep our enviorment clean by decreasing waste and the pollution produced by manufactures of clothes. Its a nice app for selling your products online aa well buying the products at best deals for me very good


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