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I love this app so much but I absolutely hate the name and the logo so much and I am sure I am not the only one. If it is possible to update the apps logo and name to the original and keep the saying make every second count that would be great. I also have been experiencing that the shake effect you can do. Is not possible on the iPhone 6 and down, I have tried it on my friends iPhone 7 and it worked great. Then I tried it on my other friends iPhone 5 and I didn’t work. Then just to be sure I had asked my brother to try it on his iPhone 8 and it had worked so well. I would so love it if it was possible you could make it work on all devices. Also if you could change the drafts back to the way private’s were and just have the private’s and the drafts together as private’s. Again I absolutely love this app and I use it almost everyday.



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