Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

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This is a well thought out app that works very well for me. I love it’s system of calculating and tracking heart points, move minutes, and steps. It’s very useful having all three - and a point of envy for some of my Fitbit friends; highly motivating. Other apps in the Play Store tie in beautifully with this app. I use it with a Wear OS Fossil Sport smartwatch. Fantastic. I'm enjoying this app; it does everything I need it to do, with no effort on my part. I love the journal feature, showing the map of my route, the steps, minutes, and miles, so I can look at my runs and walks from all angles. I like that it also tracks the minutes. I've double checked the distance in multiple ways and found it quite accurate, usually, with the exception being laps around a track and other quicker turning routes. I enjoy the day, week, and month views. I also appreciate that it tracks workouts that begin before midnight and end after as a complete workout, in the journal view.
It gives so many details, such as elevation, pace, km etc, which is wonderful for me as I live in a valley and walk over the cliffs, so I'm glad it accounts for everything! I also love the little notification I get saying 'Way to go!' When I've reached my steps goal for the day. A really useful, cool app. Amazed that it's free in these times.


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This post has received a 42.71 % upvote from @boomerang.

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