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From the vast array of movies television and Amazon Originals ; I have been especially grateful for during these past weeks during the Covid quarantine...but after today, an even greater appreciation for Amazon's timely inclusion of movie's that would normally been those that would cost just to see. I whole heartedly recommend Amazon and it's programs . Excellent app ! Free TV and Movies Genres of all Types and Yaers !! You get to pick what you like out of your Favorite 's again again , your favorite Cartoons as a child can be seen again as an Adult with Your Children and make a new Generation Of Cartoon Lovers Alright Scooby Doo where are You ? !! Your kids will love them as we did ! Jion the Ranks now and watch Disney's Frozen or Old Yeller or where the Red Fern Grows , there are alot of great Dog movies Rin tin tin and Lassie and Max !
Very good app, Amazon Prime is a great thing to have it needs to get better promotions or like a longer tutorial on the free Cinemax or something like that everything else is great maybe update the TV shows more because Chicago PD's only free four seasons 1 through 5 and I don't like season 9 now thank you and have a good day.


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