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RE: Will The Concept of Jobs Be Obsolete In The Future?

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@sauravrungta - An intriguing question indeed. I believe, at least initially, there will be widespread chaos because the people who invent and execute automation will derive maximum benefits of savings from automation. They will not care how many jobs are lost as long as they keep getting richer. As you point out, many jobs will get lost in all sorts of categories. However, after passage of some time, as widespread unemployment becomes a global phenomenon, the buying power will drastically reduce everywhere. This will create a situation where there will be drastic reduction in the demand for products of those automated empires and they will start declining too. At this point, if a concept for 'communal creation and sharing' evolves (like our ancestors - who used to hunt and gather together and the whole tribe was taken care of) then, people will have 'duties' for the communities and not jobs. There will be no payment involved but basic needs and sustenance of society members will be taken care of by the whole community. Starts sounding like communism at this point doesn't it? Well - I guess we are destined to have such cycles of society models. What do you feel?

Man - you write profound blogs. They make me use the old noodle brain a bit. By comparison, my blogs must look very simplistic! I request you to take a look and provide feedback if possible whenever you have time. Thanks



I believe, at least initially, there will be widespread chaos because...

It is not that some instant, all at once "widespread automation" will be thrown at the society on some given day, by some rich evil dude.... In reality, these things are coming in gradually and the very fact of this post gaining such high popularity tells us that our society is in a state of full awareness and readiness to address possible negative effects of technological innovations. But I guess, from another hand, entertaining the extreme, doomsday like scenarios, is probably as important part of the process.

Yes, it will be gradual and the chaos will be too. When it becomes too much and hits a critical point, then things will crumble.

I find it ironic how the corporations use automation to derive more profits but by putting the population out of work, it would ultimately mean lower profits! What goes around, comes around! I think we will shift towards a world where everything is done for us and the concept of "class" is no more. It might be wishful thinking but it's how I think right now. We may have a world where, as you say, we have duties rather than jobs which only a human can perform. Who knows what kind of a crazy world it would be a 100 years down the line.

BTW, you have a great blog yourself. Those photos are amazing :D

Well - I guess in our generation we will certainly continue the chaotic development of automation. Perhaps our grand children will live in a world with duties and not jobs.
Thanks for your kind words of appreciation of my photos. I usually also pen down a few thoughts that the photos prompt. I request you to take a look once in a while. Thanks

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