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RE: Will The Concept of Jobs Be Obsolete In The Future?

in #technology7 years ago

The point of humanity to exist would be to experience life and find new ventures for mankind.

I personally think that things don't really just boil down to having a job. There are many other things in life that can help an individual to progress and help society as a whole.

Much love for the great article


I work in the IT sector, n I can the change comin. Automation is takin over

If order for people to not have jobs it will really take a change in human consciousness. If you suddenly take the McDonalds fry cooks job away it doesn't mean they'll suddenly start contributing. It could go good or really bad. It could also give government almost total control over the entire population = a very scary proposition.

So it would be very similar to "Star Trek"? ;)

Yes, exactly, new ventures would be needed for mankind without which there would be no point. You are right, things don't really boil down to having a job but in a world, where every single thing is done for you, the question arises what we will do. Hopefully we develop some human-only ventures to keep ourselves occupied.

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