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Hi Steamit users! My name is Unknow (with no 'N' at the end).
I am creating (since ~3 months) compilations of the best "Hacker News" entries.
I was writting that compilations in Polish only (under #unknowNews tag), but now I'm thinking about posting them in english also.

Bellow is just my newest compilation (from Today).
Check it out, and please decide if You would like to see it once a week here, on Steemit (usually 10-15 links per post).
If many of You will be interested, then I will try to publish this regularly.

Have a nice read :)

  1. How long it starts (and how much memory consume) Firefox with 1691 tabs opened?
    INFO: tested on many versions - from 20.x po 56.x

  2. Build Your own self sufficient solar power generator in Your flat (off the grid)
    INFO: it will pay itself in less than... 9 years ;)

  3. What are some good tools for keeping a software project on track?

  4. China forces its Muslim minority to install spyware on their phones

  5. Some thoughts about biohacking

  6. Movidius (an Intela company) just released USB stick that provide deep-learning capabilities for any device (costs only $79)

  7. Start using Python in embeded environments!

  8. What should we include in Ubuntu 17.10 release as default apps?

  9. How Did Anyone Do Math in Roman Numerals?

  10. "pass" - the standard unix password manager

  11. Google to add 'news feed' to website and app

  12. PEV (PostgreSQL Explain Visualization) - draw heavy DB query, just to analyze which part of it is heaviest

  13. "xiringuito" - VPN for poor. Use any dedicated/VPS server as Your VPN

  14. What do people use to prevent crawlers?

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