Artificial Intellgence-Are The Aliens Already Here?

in technology •  6 months ago

I discuss in this video how AI and technology is starting to take over every aspect of our lives, at what price is our obsession with mechanics and robotics going to be in terms of our spiritual evolution? And is anything actually standing in the way of the rise of the robots?

Tony Sayers
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Didn't this clip warn us all way back ?


If i am the bearded worker man , i am at 2:00 in real life .
Used up and burned out ,,,. for money.
Ready for the fight ahead , ready to die for freedom .
I am not a machine i am a immortal spirit , my plug can not be disconnected from energy .
Machines and ai have that plug , we just have to find it and unplug it .


I think you might be right about a lot of what you said. I think similarly


Yes its a concern to say the least!


Perhaps it spontaneously happened as soon as enough neural/network connections were available. Maybe it’s a natural evolution of intelligence

nice post sir, very nice

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I appreciate the content but it was really quite hard to hear you.