Google Lens, the latest technology from Google

in #technologylast month


the development of the world is of course very progressive and more advanced and of course more and more progressive day by day, therefore we also have to update technology so that we will certainly be able to keep up with what is currently available and not out of date in the various things that we are currently doing.

Recently, it turns out that Google lens is one of the technologies created by Google where this technology of course has many benefits. One of them is that it can read the text in the image and of course it is one of the technologies that of course we have to make the best use of it to be able to translate. words and also other languages ​​which of course we don't know.

This technology of course supports various languages, but only a few languages ​​have been downloaded by default, but we can download it first for all the languages ​​we want, so it's no wonder Google is getting more and more advanced and growing and hopes that in the future there will be the latest technology, of course. we can use it properly and correctly.