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The Venus Project recommends that the present state and aims of architecture be redefined to fit the evolving needs of individuals in this new, emergent culture. The architecture and individual dwellings of future cities will evolve on an entirely different basis from today's houses. With the intelligent application of humane technologies, we will be able to provide and allow for a wide array of unique individual homes. Their structural elements will be flexible and coherently arranged to best serve individual preference. These pre-fabricated, modular homes, embodying a high degree of flexibility inconceivable in times past, could be built anyplace one might imagine, amidst forests, atop mountains, or on remote islands. All of these dwellings can be designed as self-contained residences with their own thermal generators and heat concentrators. Photovoltaic arrays would be built into the skin of the building and into the windows themselves. "Thermopanes" would be used to tint out the bright sunlight by variable patterns of shading. All these features could be selected by the occupant to supply more than enough of the energy required to operate the entire household. Homes could be prefabricated of a new type of pre-stressed, reinforced concrete with a flexible ceramic external coating that would be relatively maintenance free, fireproof, and impervious to the weather. Their thin shell construction can be mass-produced in a matter of hours. With this type of construction, there would be minimal damage from earthquakes and hurricanes.

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The Venus Project
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Man deserves to live better. It has been far too long since technology has been utilized for the betterment of all. To actually get all the homeless off the streets today and feed everyone that is hungry. Finally, that would be a world worth living and the beginnings of a much saner society.

This is such a nice video. It's really like futuristic thinking, something which I guess politicans cannot grasp so easily lol. Great stuff guys!

Good designs, good to see how your house will be, the place where you will live appropriate to your needs and tastes.

WOAH Imagine that! Building your dream house... What a use of creativity that would be.. I hope that technology will bring us to another level, but also, it will be friendly to nature.

People sometimes forget that they are also Nature, and technology is just a tool for enhancing their lives. Creativity is a two sided sword, and if we're aware of that fact, we can use it to benefit us. Yes, people often think about everything, but we need to be sure that we know the basics of our existence and how to grow each day.

I really hope one day this will be real! I really do...

I was thinking of doing a post on the 3-D printing of buildings.

It's a new technology that might make it possible to make buildings that are both cheap and beautiful.

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