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Automated mega construction machine transporting pipe via Satellite Navigation


AUTOMATION IS A MAJOR PART OF OUR LIVES. By replacing human labor and intelligence with machines, we achieved a standard of living unknown even to royalty in past times. Automation and its recent partner, cybernation, or the wedding of the computer to production, have unleashed a previously unseen rate of outflow of goods and services. The next step, underway now, adds artificial intelligence (AI), computer programming that simulates human decision-making and hypothesis testing, along with self-correction. AI redesigns mechanical and electronic systems to simulate and improve upon human performance. As exciting as these developments are, they are only the beginning.”

from The Best That Money Can’t Buy, by Jacque Fresco.

Read more about machine intelligence’s next phase of evolution and how it can be used to elevate everyone’s standard of living here!

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Greetings, thevenusproject

Excellent post. I think the automation in industry, or, better said, the technological breakthrough that created the opportunity of machines being introduced more and more in the productive sector is like a double-edged sword. In the same way that this advance helps us in our life, creating more comfort and less expenditure of energy to accomplish a job tends to withdraw more and more human beings of the production process and put a robot operating their work. Moreover, this withdrawal is made at a rate of 1:1. It's as if each robot or each advanced product in the Middle removed human work 100 technology. I believe that with these advances, we will always have to get us in our profession, as well as to create other, if not, we will be doomed to unemployment.

Thank you for posting and good night!!!

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