Intro to Rust (Enumerations and Options)

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In this Rust tutorial, we look at the union type enumerations in Rust. We talk about how we can use Enum Methods for type Polymorphism and as well as how we can use Enumerations to create multiple custom types with variations. We also look at how we can use pattern matching to destructively expose our the basic types embedded in our Enum types. We look at Options and how they make Rust a null safe programming language by way of creating a Enumeration similar to Haskell's Maybe and Nothing types.


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Thank you for continuing to tell me this. It really helps me see my progression as an author on steemit.

I have heard of Rust but this was very interesting! I might look into it! Cheers!

Yeah rust is a great little programming language. It has the speed and features of C and C++ without having to worry about the safety and with a better lean towards concurrency.

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