Virtual reality goes mainstream

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Oculus Go

Oculus, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $2.3 billion, has released the first mainstream virtual reality headset, Oculus Go. The headset is the first mobile virtual reality headset that doesn't require a phone for power or connection to a computer. The Oculus Go costs $199 for 32GB and $249 for 64GB and can be found at any electronics shop like Best Buy. It ships with a controller you use as a wand throughout your experiences. You navigate by pointing and clicking throughout your apps.



Oculus has one of the largest app stores in the space having already 1000+ apps available for download. One of the coolest apps available is Oculus Rooms, which allow you (in avatar form) to invite friends or family into your * virtual room* and play games, watch videos, or surf the web. You can customize your room by choosing the environment, photos on the wall, and even furniture. Netflix has also released an app that allows users to visit the Netflix lounge and stream all of Netflix's shows.

Oculus Rooms


Netflix Lounge


Under the hood

Its screen is a 5.5-inch display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution. The components aren't amazing, but definitely provides a decent experience. Considering virtual reality is at its infancy the resolution needs some improvements, but Oculus still uses a higher-quality fresnel lenses, similar to the lenses in the Oculus Rift. Oculus mentions the battery lasts around 3 hours, but this will vary on device depending on a user's settings.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind the Oculus Go doesn't keep track of your head's movement, and is only registering your head's rotation. Similarly, the controller isn't spatially aware but users can rotate it. In my opinion, virtual reality is going to be the closest humans get to teleportation. By including a 360 degree camera in any environment, like a basketball game or a wedding you couldn't attend, users can essentially tap into any experience on earth from the comfort of their own bed.

WSJ's Virtual Reality Review

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I need to get one this things then I will isolate myself from averything for a long time, just to refresh myself in the digital world, then get back to problems of life.

I hope you'll use it as a positive refresher and way to cope with the problems you're experiencing. All the best to you

yeah, a lot of vr products for mass consumption

What do you mean by "mass consumption"?

I'm waiting for VR headsets to replace monitors at companies. The price point is already there.

Two decent Widescreen monitors = $1500 CAD
VR Headset = $600 CAD

The weakness of the VR headset thus far is reading text, but with some creative zoom options, it can't be that far out.

You're right - a VR headset will cost around $600, but you must have the computer power to be able to run the VR. Reading text on the Oculus Go can be a bit challenging - but watching content is pretty amazing.

The next big play with virtual reality seems like it's going to be eye tracking. This will allow the headset to understand where you are looking and be able to render exactly where you're looking with higher resolution.

I've read about that. It will be like having the opposite of cataracts.

I imagine, once you get used to it, you won't even notice.

Ready Player One

Yeah exactly - we'd have perfect vision wherever we are looking! Ready Player One is right. Have you seen it yet?

WRT Ready Player One, I've read the book and watched the movie.

I highly recommend listening to the audiobook that is narrated by Will Wheaton. The movie is very good, but the book is amazing!!!

Virtual reality this is a magic, send to another world.

There really is a whole other world inside that headset

It's cool, but the killer accessory for VR is an omni-directional treadmill. When your VR experience is within the confines of a few square feet it makes it difficult to create immersive experiences.

Absolutely - I've thought about that a lot. There is some company creating a 360 degree treadmill that can be put into a room. Then you can literally run around in any direction and stay confined inside a room in your home - What an incredible time we are living in!

Yes there are a few companies developing VR Tradmills, but like the headsets themselves they are quite primitive. I think it's probably going to be about 5 years before we get a truly immersive VR experience, and that might be a bit optimistic.

Watching a movie in virtual reality sounds cool while sitting in a virtual lounge.

Honestly, it's amazing. It's so much fun watching movies in a "lounge" with friends but actually be in your bed haha

A few more years and high quality VR will be everywhere and in everything! Cant wait!

Quality of graphics is the key. This time around it feels like the original Xbox - not bad but not great. The next iteration will be the Xbox 360, which was game changing. In 4 - 6 years we'll have the Xbox One level of graphics in VR. Our bodies and brains will really believe they are fully immersed in the Virtual World.

Modern world

Discovery of modern civilization. The virtual world has brought people to near. awesome post. Thank you so much.

Thank you! It's my pleasure

Buen post , me encanto saludos.

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