HQ, the popular mobile live-trivia game, gave away $250,000!

in #technology6 years ago


Since launching 6 months ago, HQ has become a wildly popular game show that is played on a mobile phone.

There are 12 questions and whoever gets all 12 right will split the prize. In a few recent games they've asked questions until only 1 winner remains.

Last week, HQ has broken their own records for the most amount of people tuning in (2.18 million) and the largest prize money ($100,000).

On Monday night they had the surprise game for $100,000 and a pair of limited edition HQ-Nike shoes. If your first partnership is with Nike, you know you're onto something.


Wednesday night, they broke their own records again by giving away $250,000 and having 2.43 million people tune in. The game show was sponsored by Warner Brothers "Ready Player One".

Did you tune in? If so, what question did you make it to??? I only survived to question 4 😔

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