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B8ta is a network of stores that showcase high-end consumer tech products, most of which are made by smaller niche companies. Vibhu Norby, the CEO, took after Steve Jobs and his design of the apple store while putting his own twist on the retail space, as you can see from the picture of the b8ta in Houston.


The theme across all b8ta stores is that it's designed to be an experience where people try & buy new cutting-edge tech - emphasis on "try". All the products are out of the box and ready to be played with and tested out by potential buyers.

If you look closely next to each product, you'll see what looks like an iPad. It displays all the necessary information about the product the user is interacting with. It's purpose is to help consumers know how the product works and what all it can do.


Fun Fact: The employees at b8ta are called "beta testers" and have become experts with all the tech products in store.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 6.49.12 PM.png

B8ta began in 2015 with one shop in Palo Alto and was instantly a hit. B8ta raised $7 million in venture capital back in 2016 and now has 79 locations across the US, which is very impressive growth! They've also made partnerships with Lowes and Macy's to include small b8ta shops in their large retail locations.

The B8ta team is reinventing a new retail model they call "retail as a service". They believe retail stores that are creating their own products will soon be history but there's still a future for retail stores that sells other companies products and offers consumers a quality hands-on experience.

Something interesting to note is that instead of taking a large cut of each product sold, b8ta makes most of its money from contracts with the companies who sell products in their stores.

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Amazing! This is an asomobrosa tendency, unlike traditional models of solo exhibicón or having a person that "stalks" the potential buyers.

It seems to me an indisputable success to create spaces similar to a gallery of paintings or museum exhibition, since it gives the consumer a more refined and intimate atmosphere to take the time to choose a new product. In addition to this, it gives a new dimension to how advertising is done to end users.

I appreciate the time and dedication put into this article, continue like this

You're so right, that's a great point! b8ta does have that same vibe as an art gallery or museum, except it displays futuristic technology.

Thank you for your appreciation. I greatly appreciate your thought out comment and hope to continue discussing about tech on our posts. Have a great weekend @josepiamba!

You can actually see the simplicity of Steve jobs in the design of the store. Looks professional and polished.

Right on! It's the simplicity and a sleekness that gives it the apple store vibe. You've got an eye for design!

i have been following B8ta for a while but i am just curious if it is just a fad. when VR/AR kicks in and shopping becomes a pleasurable experience at home then will physical retail stores hold their ground?

I know a stealth mode startup company that is building a 3D virtual mall platform. Maybe b8ta goes virtual as well!!

You bring up a fabulous point that I haven't considered much until now - very interesting though! I fully believe in the power of AR/VR (it's going to be huge) but I'm not seeing how an AR shopping mall experience would compare to a real shopping mall experience. It would be a more immersive experience than shopping on a website, that's for sure. But i guess what I'm asking is what's the point of having a virtual shopping mall?

in a virtual mall, floor space is not important. Only products matter. In other words, the manufacturer cuts out the retailer and spends on making great product walkthroughs and immersive experiences. AR will allow the product to be used in your surroundings while VR will allow you to use it in designed spaces. so the mall will create architecture to host your product. say a bathroom for showcasing different faucets or a racetrack to sell bikes

Nice post, B8ta is speedily growing

"Speedy Johnson" type growth 😉

Been to their Palo Alto shop - it's an awesome place!

Woo that's what I like to hear! What was your favorite product they had on display?!?

Greetings friends always keep an eye on your great and entertaining publications.

That makes me happy you think that. We strive to continue creating great content - let us know if you have anything in particular you'd like us to write about!

hey really are super interesting, and I really like nature, and the contents with great discoveries and new things, I'll follow your posts. Greetings and when I can it passes through mine

You got an upvote from @seelc

Wish we could have this store in Berlin soon.

Greetings from us in Austin to you all the way in Berlin! If b8ta continues its growth it'll be worldwide in the next year or two. Let's hope they pick Berlin 👍🏼

Well the B in the Name b-8ta fits perfectly to Berlin already :)

Maybe we should let the marketing guy know... :)

Look like an IPad everything! I would like to go there!

Yeah it's some very cool tech! Let us know if you do - we'd love to hear about your experience

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