@Techblogger - Its Been a Blast But Its Time to Take a Break!

in technology •  6 months ago

Hello to my subscribers and fellow Steemians! This year has been a real rollercoaster for cryptocurrencies and markets in general. Because of some recent changes to my workflow situation and schedule, I'll be needing some much-deserved rest from publishing content on this blog.

This is not goodbye forever but its goodbye for now.

I want to thank you for your support of my blog over the past year and will try not to step away for too long. I'll still be publishing sporadic content which consists of my higher level research articles (a passion that I don't intend to give up anytime soon) but in regard to regular content, its unlikely I'll be able to commit for quite some time.

Keep on creating Steemians. Facebook has never and will never be as cool as this platform for content producers. That is a fact you can and probably have banked on!



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You'll be back in no time

I hear ya man. I'm gonna blast out a some more posts the next few days before I'm m.i.a. the next couple weeks.

Love your work, thanks for all the great posts!

Al the best mate. Enjoy your down time!

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