Tech Images - A Closer Look at a Few Technological Wonders

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Sometimes you need to mix things up. This is what I'm going to do today with this article. Instead of boring you with current events in technology, instead, in this post I'd just like to present a few images that caught my eye related to the field of technology. Maybe you will see something in them like I did?

So without further delay, I bring you today's image gallery...

Here's a very expensive and powerful robotic device most likely designed in the labs of NASA. Very impressive and the picture overall is absolutely stunning!

The image above was taken in a rocket factory. This needs no more explanation and the scene depicted is an epic presentation of components which will take man and machine to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Remember the good old days or imagine them if you've never seen any yourself. Days in which humans could work with their hands to fix things that had been broken through use. These days as we move into a more technological dependent scenerio expensive electronic tools will be needed to fix the equiptment of the future and our hands may or may not even play a role in the process!

*Never a true replacement for a human brain or a good education...

Unlimited free energy... Just need a more sustainable way to harvest it...

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys enjoyed a bit of a break from serious tech articles today for a reflective piece. If the images stirred some creativity or new thoughts in you then it was well worth it!

Thanks for reading @techblogger!

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