Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Is On Rise. Should We Be Worried About It ?

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As we all know and understand that technology is rising rapidly. Internet is the perfect example of technology liberalization. Now we have access to anything and everything we want to learn and understand through the use of Internet. Technology has given us the gift of knowledge which comes free of cost. Currently we are depending on technology more than ever we ever were. This dependency will only rise in the future.

For some people technological upgradation is a good thing but for some people it is a serious cause of concern. Now, we are walking towards use of Artificial Intelligence in every field possible. A.I. development is near. In some areas it has been successfully implemented but still working in a controlled environment. It is not available for general public to use.

Now the question arise: Should we be worried about the implementation of A.I. in technology field?

There are mixed reviews about this concern. Let's talk about them in details.

Few weeks ago, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors and Space X has raised his concerns about the advent of Artificial Intelligence. He said that A.I. could surpass the humans and lead us into our own deliberate destruction.

Generally if we speak, A.I. is doing good for everyone. It is upgrading the computers and teaching them how to drive a car or even performing a close cut operation on a human without the guidance or intervention of a human being.

But Mr. Musk's concerns are also real. He is not any man who is just babbling stuff from his mouth out of boredom. He is the founder and CEO of one of the leading Tech companies in the World which is incorporating A.I. for self-drive purpose. Mr.Musk addressed U.S. government to keep an eye on the development of A.I. because if left uncontrolled or without using any protocols to control it's action, A.I. can proved harmful for human beings.

Another Tech giant also jumped into this concern. The name of that Tech giant is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Social Media giant Facebook, hit back Mr.Musk by calling '' It is pretty irresponsible to drum doomsday scenarios in the name of A.I.''

Well, If we take the side of Mr.Musk, there are some issue he is addressing pretty correctly and needs attention from everyone. Artificial Intelligence has to face some legal action if something terrible happens by its hands. For example, while performing an operation, if A.I. has done something awful then who would be responsible for the damages. If a self driven car causes an accident, then what legal rules are there to take an action against A.I. The implementation of A.I. will result in the cutting of jobs of millions of people. Who would be responsible for that?

Additionally, A.I. has been developing by a group of small people with a specific thinking, may be their thinking would not match with the society's . What would happen in that scenario?

I believe there's more to the development and implementation of A.I. than just driving cars and performing operations. Yes, I agree with benefits of it. But we can not ignore the risks coming with it too. Without any specific protocols, it can endanger the existence of humanity. Mr.Musk urged the government to place some protocols so that A.I. would only do what it is designed to do. Also implement some rules to control its actions too.

Let's see what would be the government reactions to these statements and the future of A.I. What do you think about A.I. development and it's use in daily life?

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