Leaked Video of "Nightmare Inducing Robot"

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If you've seen videos of amazing 2 and 4 legged robots in the last 20 years it's likely it was made by Boston Dynamics. Even when given a general task like "Go over there, get that box and put it on the shelf without damaging it," the robot has to handle many underlying subtleties on it's own such as the distance and timing of each step it takes, maintaining it's balance and how to grab but not crush an object.

Boston Dynamics has been raising the bar in this field for over 20 years with an array of robots such as

Cheetah Bot

that can run a little faster than Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt</center<

Big Dog Bot

which is able to carry heavy loads over rough terrain

Atlas Bot

a humanoid robot that is able to use human tools or climb up steep terrain or through tight spaces.

Leaked Video of the "Nightmare Inducing Robot"

While typically these videos are put out in a press release from the company itself, which makes this latest one rather unique. This video Boston Dynamics latest robot named "Handle" was leaked by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson who was a part of a private investor presentation showing some capabilities of a wheeled/legged hybrid.

The companies founder Marc Raibert said during this presentation

This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot. It has a lot of knowledge about how to throw its weight around, which it uses to stabilize itself. This is much more efficient than a legged robot. It can carry a reasonably heavy load on a small footprint. It's basically an exercise to see if we can do something … less expensive but still with significant capability.

It is thought that the Handle robot can be applied into an automated warehouse setting for moving around boxes or other payloads.

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Handle Bot

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It's a bot that knows how to roller blade. Nothing nightmarish about that. Unless you're in a roller derby at the local skating rink :)

Now if we can just teach them to iceskate.


Lol. The nightmarish part was mainly a quote from the company founder. Maybe they can pair up with this company to get competitive figure skating bots:


Lol. Now I want to dress it up like a dragon!

Can I hire you to bring one of these robots to an event? If yes, i am totally serious.


I wish I could provide that for you. Unfortunately I'm not affiliated with the company or have one myself. I can dig around to see if there is a way to request a demo from Boston dynamics. I think I remember something like that for Softbank robotics.


Because I've seen some of their earlier work, I only watched the last video. Your title nails it; I am going to have nightmares after watching this. It is horrifying to imagine these "creatures" put to use by some bad actors, particularly government/police organizations.

Thanks, I think... :O 😄😇😄



I hear you there! It has been funded by DARPA where that's a real possibility. I know irobot had multiple robots that were field tested, some with gun attachments. The upside (to some degree) was that only the human controller (and not the bot itself) could actually press the fire button.


Yeah, and how long will that constraint last? :O

These robots really are the stuff of nightmares; all my worst sci-fi screen horrors brought to life!

Well, guess it's time for Asimov's three laws... ;)

It looks like a monster from 1980s Dr Who!