Cut Your Grass on a Mower In The Air Condition

in technology •  2 years ago

Yep it's real! Cut your grass on a mower in the air condition. And a man from Ridgeland says he's got the patent to create them. Would you buy one?

16 WAPT News Right now, the inventor says the price to outfit your lawnmower would be ballpark -- about $2000

Steve A.
No! Cutting grass is about sweating in the heat and cracking open an ice cold Coors in the shade when you're finished!

Paul H.
This could really help people who are afflicted with allergies too. Better isolation from dust and pollen and other allergens.

Paul B.
I see comments about how that's not what mowing is about. I agree if you go an hour or two in the heat to get your lawn cut. But this would be great for commercial cutters. If you spend 10 hours a day cutting then it's different and a $2000 investment to make sure your employees are not dehydrating in the sun and cooking to death is a cheap investment. It's a neat idea in a lot of instances.

Clifton J.W.
No l would spend the money that this mower cost to hire some one else to cut my grass and l would sit in the house and watch a golf game or ball maybe even fishing or some thing l liked while they did the work and it would save me money in the long run.

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