Superior DAG based cryptocurrency for the IOT. Instant value transfer on a decentralized distributed ledger.

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Trustnote (TTT) is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency based on a DAG achitecture instead of blockchain. TTT combines the very best features of IOTA, Byteball and Nano to provide an infinitely scalable solution for payments. Transactions on the network are approved instantly and will get even faster once the two tier concensus is fully implemented. The Trustnote two tier concensus mechanism revolves around supernodes that require a 50.000 TTT collateral combined with mining (POW) that starts in Q4 of this year.

As the first DAG that uses POW, Trustnote (TTT) is ready to disrupt not only the chinese market but the global cryptocurrency space. The light mobil wallet and light desktop client allow users of TTT to make crossborder payments without intermediaries in the blink of an eye. Trustnote is also a smart contract and dapp platform that lets you created your own enterprise solution with ease.

The project has raised all of its funds from private investors and did not conduct a public ICO. With a circulating supply of 500 million TTT, Trustnote is currently trading on one of the biggest asian exchanges Bit-Z
The voting for the exchange listing on OKEX is currently in progress: Make sure to vote for TTT if you would like to see it climb up the ranks.

In the next article i will go more into detail about Trustnote supernodes and mining.

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