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Today we take a look at Curl & Kerl. Lets see how IOTA is utilizing both hashes in their newly upgraded protocol. Furthermore, we peak into quantum computing, interoperability and the Internet of Things.
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Big shoutout to the IOTA community on slack. We cracked 14.000 members last night. Thats an increase of 2000+ new members in the past 10 days alone. Now lets get into the meat of things

IOTA is the first ever distributed ledger project that adjust to the evolving threats of quantum computing.

There will be a moment in the near future where quantum computers succeed in cracking today’s common encryption techniques.
As a result public and private security breaches may affect millions of people. Finally Quantum computing will render most of todays cryptography completely useless.
The IOTA protocol shields itself by moving away from the standard elliptic curve cryptography, and instead uses Curl & Kerl. Both of these new hash functions were invented by the Keccak creators (SHA-3).

What tasks does "Curl" achieve in IOTA?

  • Proof of Work
  • Transaction Hash
  • Milestone verification


Today the Iota protocol was upgraded to utilize the new Kerl hash.

What tasks does "Kerl" achieve in IOTA?

  • Address generation
  • Signature generation
  • Signature verification
  • Essence calculation (bundleHash)

Kerl implements the same interface as Curl: Trits are absorbed by the sponge function. And later squeezed to provide message digest, derive keys and more.

You are a developer and want to learn more about the Kerl implementation? Here is how you get started:

For a detailed look into underlying requirements of curl check out:

CURL hasher existential for IOTA success in the IoT?

In order to reach its full potential in the IoT (Internet of Things), standartization of the curl hash in industry wide hardware devices is essential. Nevertheless if we disregarding the speed of adoption for a second; the unique base architecture of the IOTA network already allows it to be far superior to blockchain competitors in the cryptospace in terms of scalability, speed, security, cost and architecture. More on that next time as we get even deeper into this revolutionary technology.

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excellent post


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IOTA is growing in sophistication and complexity. Is the contest still on Wednesdays? If so here you go:


Hey @kaizentive the network is getting so much stronger with this upgrade. Its great. The giveaway is on Friday this week. Want to do some more articles before that:)


Is there any forseeable interest by Cisco corporation? They are real big IOT drivers and IOTA would be like butter on toast for their systems. Keep thee articles flowing.


From what ive heard there is something in the making with Cisco. Yes:) they are big on IoT. I do not know what their current progress is with IOTA but they are partners thats for sure.

Excellent post! I strongly believe in IOTA's massively disruptive future. Thanks.


Love your input thanks for stoping by @cash22 we also strongly believe in IOTA here:)