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Whatsapp like we all know is the most prominent chatting application in the world. The brains behind Whatsapp keep on releasing new components on the application that makes it the leading messaging app in the world. 

Below are some new features introduced by Whatsapp this year that you may be unaware of: 

1. In-App Video Playback 

Whatsapp now bolsters In-application playback. This element enables clients to play recordings without leaving the application. This means the video can be seen in a photo in-picture mode or full-screen mode. You can send messages while in a similar visit or conceal the video yet the video playback stops when you change the talk. 

2. Bolster All File-sort Transfer 

The application now bolsters the ability to send a wide range of documents on Android, iPhone and Windows Phones. The new element permits sending a wide assortment of record designs; MP3, WMA and APK documents from your gadget to another. The document sharing utmost for iOS is 128MB while Android is 100MB. 

3. Video gushing and Photo packaging highlights 

Another component acquainted with the application in 2017 is video spilling and photograph packaging highlights. The photograph packaging highlight empowers clients to send photographs and recordings to contacts as a collection. Clients would now be able to send a cluster of recordings to their Whatsapp contacts who will get them packaged as a collection. This element is accessible for iPhone clients and in beta for Android clients. 

4. Two-Step Verification 

This component was introduced to upgrade security on the application. Clients that have empowered this component should give a six-digit password while enlisting their telephone number with Whatsapp once more. 

5. Re-included Text Status Feature 

At the point when the new Status highlight was presented on the application, bolster for old Text Status include was finished. This move by Whatsapp got objection among clients since this implied you could never again set your status as "away" or 'occupied'. Whatsapp needed to relaunch this element in light of the kickback. The element is currently accessible on Android and iOS cell phones.

6. Bold, strikethrough, or italicize

 When writing content in a chat, you can tap and hold to choose the content to effectively bold, strikethrough, or italicize it.

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Well researched! Awesome features i must say. My favorite remains,two-ways authentication. It makes you feel safe.Have upvoted you. Check me @pascallawrence.


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What's up with WhatsApp self?

wow am so excited about point number 3, sending large files has been my hearts desire to use via whatsapp. Good job @smyle

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Wonderful, this means one can multi task while on the application

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