Augmented Reality and It's Futuristic Applications

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Augmented reality was an instant hit with the launch of Pokemon Go.The whole world went crazy behind the concept of combing the fictional world with the real world . It was absolutely wonderful to see the whole world accepting this new technology. But augmented reality has some serious applications that might change various business sectors in the near future.


Space Applications

NASA is using virtual reality labs to train and instruct their astronauts. This gives the astronauts a feel of the unexplored environments and gets them ready to face the challenger during their expedition .
Microsoft Holo lens has some cutting edge technology built into it. But NASA may use it control the Mars rovers. This gives NASA more freedom to explore the dusty planet.

Architecture and Real Estate


* Renovation

How easy would renovation be , if you could automatically see what the end result would be. I, for one , absolutely despise the whole renovation process ,it’s long it takes time, and you always doubt yourself whether you have made the right decision. Hopefully this technology is readily available in the market for my next renovation.
The Real estate applications of AR are huge. How awesome would it be to construct a holographic model and quickly make changes whenever and wherever desired. The accuracy that can be achieved with the help of AR is something to look forward to.

E – commerce

There are various sites like Lenksart that already have included the AR technology on their platform. Lenksart makes it easier for customers who are interested in buying spectacles. The website uses your laptop camera to map your face and then places the frames ( spectacles) on the screen automatically. This not only cuts down the selection time but also adds an element of fun.

Social Media


Snapchat has been ahead of the game when it comes to AR. Various filters, emoji tracking features are available on the app. Recently Instagram also launched filters on their platform



Google Translate allows you to automatically change the text of a foreign language to your language of choice. This is something that travel enthusiasts will definitely enjoy.

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AR is the future!

I really like the idea of Magic Mirror that is coming out in a few shops right now, allowing customers to try on things like clothes + make-up without actually doing it in real life!