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Hey, I have had a PC handed down to me recently by relatives. It was completely free and I am going to make a project about it.

I am starting off by cleaning it up to release it of its high temperatures. I am in the process of buying some new thermal paste and general cleaning supplies.

Thinking into the future, when I can get enough money gathered together I will also be upgrading the Hard drive to an SSD and keeping the original as a separate drive for storing video files etc. I will also be upgrading the current GPU as a Quadro 600 is clearly not enough for video editing, recording and gaming on.

This is a long term project and I hope to have pretty much a completely new PC by the end of it. This is my first ever PC project so any help is greatly appreciated knowledge wise and finance wise.

Thanks to steemit for being such an amazing community.

Here are some inages of the PC in it's current state (Bad)

Current State Of PC

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Nice! What kind of thermal paste did you get? I wrote a post about thermal paste recently. It might be helpful in your project. Using an SSD for the operating system should help it run faster. What CPU did it have? Make sure to use anti-static wrist straps when you handle the ram, or cpu (like have to remove it or add a new one). Cable management aka tying cables would help keep things organized and make cleaning a little easier. I found this post as a resteem of peanutbot.

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The thermal compound that I used was that Nano Diamond thermal Compound, hope that helps you.

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