It's That Time Of The Year: Apple iPhone 8 Leaked Photos!

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Every year, as Apple launches a new iPhone, we have leaks and rumors. This year? Nothing much has changed.

The new Apple iPhone 8 will be released in the month of September. Until then, we have these photos of the iPhone 8 surfacing the web. Here's one of them:


It seems legit because Twitter user @Onleaks has posted it. In the past, he has been right about almost all the time.

Here's how the front side of the iPhone 8 looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.19.30 PM.png

While the technical details are not out yet, the new iPhone 8 - if this is the one - doesn't look appealing at all. For too long we have been seeing the same Apple iPhone design...

Users have been asking for a change. We definitely need something refreshing. Been so long, isn't it?

Source: @Onleaks

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And I absolutely agree.

They better offer them for free this year!

I stopped buying smartphones. I won't go into the details why, there are too many to list right now...yuk

It's a good thing. My mom also hates smartphones for several reasons. Unwanted distraction, you know!

Yep that's one of mine too, keep it simple reduces stress.

Reminds me of this pic! People "capturing" memories at a music concert instead of enjoying them. :)

Another reason I stopped using smart phones. I have really good cameras instead. The main reasons I stopped, companies access to my data and expense, time and money. I am very happy with my little $10.00 phone and I don't need a contract...oh I hate those two year contracts 👿

Thank you! Hand to heart, I shall Steem and join you in the next ride to moon! :)

The constant need to update gadgets is growing such that developers and innovators are running against time. New ideas are being miss, lost and shredded in the battle to satisfy the customer. The design doesn't have much to carry but the users will still flock to it because its at least change to them.

New ideas are being miss, lost and shredded in the battle to satisfy the customer.

Great perspective. How so true. The lack of time is challenging, so Apple is simply upgrading its older devices with a slightly sleeker look and additional hardware improvements.

Still it is losing market, as compared to the Google Android. Such a shame!

OnLeaks OnLeaks tweeted @ 09 May 2017 - 19:00 UTC

So, this is it... I guess... #iPhone8 renders + 360° video + size (based upon factory CAD) on behalf of…

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