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Finally my new labtop arrived from USA, our tenants were there for a month and so I asked them to buy a labtop during the black friday sale. The older one had busted out after giving 8 years of reliability. I had the Dell inspiron series previously and so was convinced in buying their model again. The decision to buy the Dell inspiron 15 3000 looks to be good uptill now. It costed around 500$ rather than 700$ so the sale worked out for me.
The specs are great and just what I need in labtop to run software programs such as solidworks, autocad and ansys. It has a core i7 processor with 8gb of ram. 1 terabyte of memory and it is quad-core. Although the resolution is an ordinary HD display rather than the FHD ones but the price is also far lesser as compared to the others. As a student currently it is far more than I need and I'm totally satisfied with the decision.
One of the features is the lightweight and sleek design of my new labtop which makes it much easier to carry around with me during my university. Yesterday I watched the El clasico on the labtop and it was a good experience although the match ended up in a mere draw.

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You do not need a quarantee? Dell can easily be ordered by the internet although hardly anyone in the Netherlands goes for this brand these days. I wish you luck and fun with it. Merry days 💕

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Yeah I'm in Pakistan and hence the shipping cost was quite high that is why my cousin brought it with him

@shaheerbari That makes it clear. You do not bother about quarantee?

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