The TR-3B - Proof of its Existence via Patent?

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I have a strong interested in UFO's and back engineered alien crafts. The TR-3B has been in UFOology for the past two decades. The patent for the mysterious craft had been discovered just recently. Heath Cliff of Lions Ground News explains the current status of the patent.

Inventor John St. Clair


Disclosure TR-3B anti-gravity spacecraft patent explained. Heath Cliff of Lions Ground News does a great job with his research and findings on patent # US20060145019



Source: These two photos above are no longer available on NASA's website



Mysterious Triangle UFO Filmed at Night by Car Driver in Florida - FindingUFO
Date: May 7, 2016.
Location: Sanford, Florida (FL-46)

More to come on Inventor John St. Clair


Scuba Steve

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Wow, this is fascinating! I wonder what else our tax dollars go to

The Pentagon has 21 trillion dollars unaccounted for (probably funding black projects) and the national debt was 21 trillion as of 2018. Maybe this is where it all went. :P