A Great Story About How Jaron Lanier Met Timothy Leary

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Earlier this week I listen to this great conversation with Jaron Lanier on The Ezra Klein Show. Lanier is a VR pioneer and a digital philosopher, He coined the term “virtual reality,” founded one of the first companies in the space, and has been involved in both the practice and theory of creating and living in virtual worlds for decades now. He’s one of the most trenchant critics of Silicon Valley’s business model and the way it’s screwed up both the internet and the world.

During the Podcast Jaron shares this story about how he met Timothy Leary, which I never heard before and was so great that I had to edit the audio into a video clip, enjoy:

You will love this conversation with Jaron Lanier. The conversation begins with the story of Lanier trip-sitting Richard Feynman, the famed physicist when he was dying from cancer and decided to try LSD, and it only gets better from there. They also discuss where Silicon Valley went wrong (“You engage people by ruining society,” Lanier says. “That’s the business model”), why top executives at Google and Facebook are the most aggressive about limiting screen time for their kids, what virtual reality could become, the past and future of Burning Man, the reasons negative emotions dominate positive emotions online, and so much more.

Check out the Full interview: https://www.vox.com/2018/1/16/1689773...

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