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Many people have some crazy ideas but only a few of them ends up implementing those crazy ideas to reality and these crazy ideas sometimes shakes the marketing business for example. (Fidget spinner).😵😵 And here are some of those Inventions that were driven out by some crazy ideas. Enjoy

Honest Socks

I bet if you go to your office wearing this socks then your SWAG will be on a whole new different level 😎😂 , I mean ... Just look at these socks aren't they killer socks, I personally like these socks their creators made simple socks to awesome socks mixing it with humor😂

If you want a pair of these socks you can buy them at :

Sexy doormat

Presenting you the savage mats. They are the first of their kind 😂 these mats will be awesome for teenagers or in parties although I'm not pretty sure if the family members will like it or not. 😂

You can buy these mats at :

Unicorn Meat


I'm not pretty sure what it is maybe magic food or something ...I don't know I guess we'll just have to buy them to figure out what is Unicorn meat

You can purchase them at :

Glow in the dark toilet paper

With this toilet paper in your toilet you don't ever have to worry about finding toilet when you are in toilet and the power runs out glowing toilet paper does sounds cool.,,😎😎

You can purchase it at :

Nose basketball

This is a weird way of not getting you bored. You can play this game with your friends or with yourself. In my opinion it will make you laugh while playing and yes it does make you look stupid😂.

You can buy them at :

Beacon flavor lip balm

I personally never used them although I'm pretty sure that this lip balm does taste gooood.

You can buy them at :

Belly fanny pack

These fanny packs are very funny and are very realistic I think some dad's will love wearing these type of bags to humor their kids or grandkids.

You can buy these packs at :

Nose shaped gel dispenser

I'm not pretty sure if anyone will like this product in their home but this is a weird Invention so put it in this blog. May be some crazy person will buy this crazy Invention

You can buy it at :

Ultimate flesh leggings

These are some of the most savage leggings I have ever seen. These are dope looking leggings and I think teenage girls will love these leggings cause they are Soo lit.

Buy them at :

Edible dried tarantula

I personally don't know anything about this product, but I know this that this product have some good reviews on Amazon.

Buy them at :

Sprout hair clips

These are some crazy hair clips and weird.😵😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Buy them at :

Awesome Gloves

These are awesome looking gloves. I'm sure everyone will be impressed or scared of these gloves 😎

Buy them at :

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Omg! amazing stuff.
I really loved the pair of socks. Really, I mean meeting are always been worst part of my job :D

The glow in the dark toilet paper could be very useful in the woods. :)

Good post! I see that you are into programming, very nice! I am planning to launch an ICO in the future, let's stay in touch. @itsteems

Sure, that's great

Some of those are pretty disgusting. Funny but disgusting!

This is too funny. Love the socks. The seedling hair clips. Truth be told I have purchased the bacon flavored lip chap. LOL It was a gag gift for a friend.

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