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In today's world of technology, cars have become more smarter and efficient that they will signal the driver if anything is wrong with them, cars are becoming more and more independent, but there some points that driver has to keep in mind while driving cars. Here are the 10 things you have to keep in mind while owning a car.

Don't use ENGINE ON/OFF button while driving.

In modern cars they have many safety measures to prevent any damage to car or the driver if you press engine start/stop button while driving but in some cases the steering may lock, power steering assist may cease, and the brake assist could cease, as well as losing the ability to accelerate or even restart the engine, should the necessity arise. At the end it all depends on the car you are using.

Don’t use reverse gear while driving

you should avoid using reverse gear while driving. Although the modern technology computer system in your car should ignore the command reverse gear while you are driving and nothing will probably happen but its not a good idea.

Don’t use parking gear while driving.

Never try to use parking gear while driving . The modernized computers in your car will block this command for safety reason, but giving conflicting orders will damage your car and if your car doesn't ignore this command....,let's just assume it will not be good.

Do not attach too many keys to the ignition key.

If you have attached too many keys to your ignition key it will eventually become quite heavy and the weight will potentially damage your ignition switch.

Check and change your oil.

Read your car specification on how often to change the oil . It’s there for a reason. This especially applies to brand new cars. Some car manufacturers use very thin oil when the cars leave the factory, and this oil must be changed at about 1000 km.

Fill the engine to the required amount.


Every car engine comes with a dipstick, which have indications on it . Observe the indications and fill it to the required level, don’t fill it to the top like a bottle, cause it can do catastrophic failure to the car and smoke will be coming from all corners of the car.

Never let the fuel tank be empty.

Ever wondered why you should not let your petrol tank get empty. Well here is your answer - in every type of petrol even the cleanest of them all still have some small particles in it and due gravity these particles stay at bottom of the tank. If you drive on low petrol this residue gets sucked into the engine and will cause lots of problem to it over time.

Be cautious of warning signs.

There are tons of signs in a car, different cars have different signs and people usually tend to ignore those signs cause they don't understand them. These signs are color-coded. A green (or sometimes blue) signs is an indication that a particular system is activated. A yellow symbol normally indicates that something needs to be serviced or checked. Red means some sort of serious issue and you should stop as soon as possible, remember whenever you see a red coloured sign it means that your car is unsafe to drive. That's why you should never ignore these signs while driving a car.

check the pressure in your tires.

check your car tire pressure every now and then. If you are driving a car with a pressure in your tires that is not suitable for the car, then as the time goes by your tires quality will gradually deteriorate.

check the wheel balance of your car.

Ot will be wise to take your car to a workshop every now and then.and ask the mechanics to check the balance and alignment. Cause If the wheels are out of balance or alignment, then this means that you don’t have good control of your car which can result very badly. It's Better to be safe than sorry.

These are the points you should always keep in mind while owning a car.
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I get 5 oil changes a year, LOL I drive a Honda. I am terrible for having too many keys on my key ring, I know I know. Upvoted my steemthat friend

very good tips to give more time of my life to our new cars

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