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The growth of Technology in the present era is too fast. Technology has changed drastically since 19th century and if we will look in the past of what was the technology back then and what it has become now you'll be amazed. Here are some of the technology that have evolved in the span of 💯 years.


The person who invented the first computer mouse was Douglas Engelbart in 1960 and the mouse was named “X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System.” The description of mouse was rectangular and made of wood and now the modern gaming mouses which are freaking cool, such as the R.A.T.7, is metal-based, USB-connected, and adjustable in length and weight to suit one’s grip with all the led which makes them look dope.

Baby carriage (strollers )

William Kent was the person who invented the first baby carriage in 1733 . You may think it's crazy but It was designed to be pulled by a goat, dog, or any other mini animal, but In the 19th century, Charles Burton created the first recognizable pram with a three-wheel push design and he called it ‘perambulator' after this the Strollers rapidly became a trendy, luxury item that was custom-made for wealthy aristocrats and now a days strollers are basic needs for babies.

Vacuum cleaner

Hubert Cecil Booth introduced one of the first vacuum cleaner in 1901 and he called it Puffing Billy(funny name 😂). Its was powered by an oil engine and required a horse-drawn carriage for transportation. In 1906, Siemens started selling their own made cleaners that they called dedusting pumps that had one-horsepower motors and weighed 300 kilos(heavy 😫).Now Modern vacuum cleaners are intelligent robot cleaners, which can be controlled with a smartphone(coooool😎).

Virtual Reality 👓

You'll be astonished that, The earliest virtual reality glasses 😎 was made in 1963 by Hugo Gernsback. He called them teleyeglasses and they weighed about 140 grams and were built around small cathode-ray tubes that ran on low-voltage current from tiny batteries. The glasses had a separate screen for each eye and could display stereoscopic images. Unfortunately, this invention never went to production due various complications but in 2017 all this changed when these virtual glasses came to market they instantly became a hit and now researchers and scientist still developing these glasses to make virtualty more real.


Robert the Robot was one of the first robots that gained fame even though it was not the first robot. It had a cable driven remote control and could speak and light up its eyes😵, and all that as early as 1950. Nowadays, collectors are ready to pay anywhere from $200 and $1200 for a classic Robert the Robot it became an antique. But now robots have evolved to such a point that they can do most of work that a human can do.


In the 19th century, scientists and inventors had a crazy idea that changed the transportation Technology, they realized that two recent inventions of their time, bicycles and steam engines, could be combined together. In 1867, American inventor Sylvester Howard Roper introduced a two-cylinder, steam-powered velocipede. Later, in 1885, the steam engine was changed to gas engine. Now a days, there are over 200 million motorcycles in the world which are in use.🚲🚲

Swim suit

Ladies in the 18th and 19th centuries in England wore bathing ankle-length full-sleeve gowns as well as stockings for swimming to remain modest and keep their skin white, but Nowadays the swimsuits are not only dramatically smaller, but also more functional. In 2006 New York designer Andrew Schneider introduced a Solar bikini👙 with attached photovoltaic strips😵. This bikini is supposedly able to charge your phone when you are done swimming😵😵😎. Pretty cool right👌


The microphone that you are seeing in the left picture was invented by Emile Berliner in 1876 using a telephone voice transmitter😵. The microphone was composed of two electrical contacts separated by a thin layer of carbon. One contact was attached to a diaphragm that vibrated when struck by a sound wave. Microphones were again developed in 1920s.and now they have evolved to such a point that the size of a microphone can be smaller than a tic-tac.


Wright Brothers were the first brothers to invent flying machine (aeroplane) and after their first successful heavier-than-air controlled flight on December 17, 1903. inventors tried different machines to achieve flying in the air. The device in the picture is a multiplane, introduced by Horatio Phillips in 1907. It was his third and final multiplane, which had 200 separate wings. And this machine flew about 500 feet above ground and now aeroplanes have evolved too such extent that it has become on of the major and fastest transportation in the world ✈✈✈✈✈

📷 cameras

The world’s largest mammoth😵😵 camera in the picture above was built in 1900. The camera weighed 900 lbs😵, required 15 men to load it to the van, and made the largest plates at the time. It was designed to make a picture of an equally large train. Nowadays, scientists strive to be able to transfer any surface in a high resolution camera. For instance, scientists from Columbia University are exploring the idea of imaging using a thin, large, flexible sheet.cameras are like a basic need for living these days , without them there will be no selfies 😂.

There are many other things that have evolved but these are the ones that intrigues me most.
Hope you'll enjoyed reading this article and pls follow me for more fun articles and don't forget to upvote.leave a comment



Love this and see neat to see where we were and where we are now. Next up predictions for where we will be in the future.

That swim suit. Haha we have come from far. I would drown in that.

This will change again soon with sun burning through the ozone shield @mutitum most probably some form of skin protection layer will become evident in clothing.

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Very well done @samueljohn1999! Now if we only new what the future gadgets will look like :P

Yes much has changed, many inventions are not as new as most people think @smaueljohn1999 the originals are fun to see.

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