Controlled Offensive Behavior - What a 1972 DIA Report Reveals About the Connection Between Mind Control, Electromagnetics & Psychic Warfare

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This article references document CIA-RDP96-00792R000600360001-2 on the FOIA library. This link will send you directly to the site where you can download for independent review. My intention is to provide as objective of interpretation as possible from the perspective of a Wireless/Radio Frequency Engineer with 20+ years experience (me)

This report from 1972 demonstrates that the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) was very much interested in exploring Psychic or Anomalous Mental Phenomena. This specific report, created during the Cold War era, discusses how far behind the United States was in contrast to our adversaries at the time, the USSR. This specific quote is telling...

You can see that the author was sending out a warning signal to our intelligence community: Take heed or be prepared for defeat. The Psy-Warriors would be the future of intelligence gathering. But was it restricted to things like Remote Viewing? How much progress did they make in Remote Action? (RA-is similar to RV but where the 'agent' acts as an 'influencer' of thoughts and less as a passive 'watcher' or RV receiver)

Upon researching these documents in depth, I found correlations to Radio Frequency with very specific numbers assigned to the methodology used for methods of Psychological and Electronic Warfare like Brain Entrainment, Brainwave Measurement (remotely), EEG/MEG measurements and the like. So it would appear that the earliest studies understood quite well there is a definite relationship between the frequencies (EMF/EMR) we absorb and their ability to control or modify behavior. To explain further I'm going to highlight a few pages and point out some bits worth discussing further. 

Here is a brief video intro explaining my experience and philosophy behind this research:

SteemIt will be the primary outlet for my research links and exploring this material in-depth. This presentation will be released in sections. If the written-word serves the material better, I'll expand on those themes here. I'll provide links to documents along with the YouTube videos as supplements to help research these materials independently. 

Telepathic Communication? Bioplasma? UHF? What does it all mean? 

We'll diver deeper into this in the next post. Please Follow for updates. My YouTube Channel is here. Thanks for reading.

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