Today I want show How to auto reply give for your friends whatsapp messenger.

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Today I will talk about a great app on google. The apps will help you. If your mobile is in silent mode and if any sms or call arrives at that time your mobile will automatically switch from silent mode to normal mode and you If you receive any SMS in these 3s, you can automatically reply to this SMS, you will not have to write anything.

I would like to tell you that you will get many help with this app. This app will be of great help to you. This app will get you the much needed help. Anyone will get a call if you have a mobile silent. So I want to tell everyone that this app is installed .

Reply Apk Download Link:

Now download the app and open it. And allow all the permissions. Now if you have any other SMS from any mobile or call it silent you can hear it. Because silent mode will automatically become normal. And you can reply to any SMS without typing. You can send. Reply SMS will show you only send.




Suppose you meet with your friend at 2pm. But if you are sleeping with a mobile silent, then if your friend sends you SMS, then you will get benefit in this regard. If someone needs urgent to you, then he will send you urgent and send SMS to your mobile silent But you can hear the voice of the SMS and you can reply without the automatic type.

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