10 Great Marketing Tips for Facebook Business Pages

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10 Great Marketing Tips for Facebook Business Pages
10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Business Page
Facebook is increasingly becoming an essential part of a business and its marketing efforts. In fact for around half of consumers, a brands Facebook page is more important to them than the main business website. Also most customers expect a business to be active in social media sites. So how can you get the most from your Business Facebook page?

  1. Check Your Notifications and Messages
    Check your messages everyday and swiftly reply to any queries you receive. In addition, keep your eye on your notifications on a daily basis. If someone mentions you then quickly respond to them. Acknowledging people who talk about your brand is the best way of making a good public impression.
  2. Update your status
    This is another task that should be done on a daily basis. You need to keep a Facebook Page current, fresh and up to date.
  3. Like, comment and share posts
    This is a great way to begin conversations with people and build a good rapport. People will begin to talk about your business and your online presence will improve over time.
  4. Find and like other Facebook business pages
    Grow within your industry and make yourself known to like minded individuals and people in complementary businesses.
  5. Post Articles
    Every week you should write on a topic relevant to your business and share it with your fans and readers. Show everyone that you are an expert in your niche.
  6. Ask for Testimonials
    Don’t be afraid to ask happy customers to share their thoughts on your page. Testimonials are a superb way of creating engagement and to show any potential customers what they can expect from your products or services.
  7. Share on Your Blog
    If you do have a business (or even personal) blog, then be sure to share the posts you make.
  8. Add Photos and Videos
    Make effective use of video and photo content to increase engagement and to get people talking about your brand.
  9. Top Tip
    To get someone’s attention and increase activity on your Facebook page, make sure you use the @ tag when mentioning a Facebook user’s profile. Whenever you tag a customer, client or other page in this way, they will be notified that you mentioned them, and so increase the chances of getting a comment or reaction.
  10. Final Tip
    Always keep up to date with the latest updates, features and news about Facebook to constantly improve your social media presence.instagram-ad-costs-demographic-targeting.png
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