Codershub - Open Source Social Network Launch - Version 0.1

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Codershub - A Social Network for all Programmers

Hello Everyone and welcome to my second post about my upcoming social network that I have been developing for several days.

If you haven't read it, please check it out with this link: Developing an Open Source Social Network for Programmers!

As I promised, I uploaded the source code on GitHub so everyone could benefit and learn from it. Of course, it is not the full code since it is under development, but you can always come and check out for new updates!

Here are some screenshots of my work so far:

The Main Page:

The Main Page: Screenshot 2

The Home Page:

The Profile Page:

The design and code can be updated at anytime! So keep following my posts to know the latest news about it.

Features of this update

  • Login
  • Register Securely with a hashed password. You must use an email from popular sites (,,, to prevent spam
  • Logout
  • You can take a quick tour on the home/profile pages and maybe tell in the comment what can be added!

You can't do much things now, but a lot will features will be added soon! So yeah !

Source Code

The source code is available in this link. Codershub Source Code on Github